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Lower 9th Ward Bucolia

Farewell Charlie Louvin


Some aerial photos I took during the oil spill of the sand berms being built by the state near the Chandeleur Islands. Also my dad, Sawyer, and Aaron.

Chinese Environmentalism


I spent three weeks in China in October of this year with a Gulf Coast delegation studying the role of environmental NGOs/civil society ┬áin Chinese politics (See photo album ‘October in China’. This documentary, The Warriors of Qiugang is an excellent window into the struggles of Chinese environmentalists as they work to combat polluting industries. I wish I could say that the Chinese example is an extreme….but I live here.

Warriors of Qiugang was just nominated for the Academy Award for best short documentary. You can watch it for free over at Yale Environment 360, which co-produced the film. Link here. }

The Great Wall of Lake Borgne

The IHNC Storm Surge Barrier is the largest civil works project the Corps of Engineers has ever undertaken. It is intended to prevent storm surge from entering the Industrial Canal. It is almost three miles long. It is enormous. Also interesting to note is that a similar project was proposed in 1965, but never gained authorization. Let’s hope bigger is better.

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